Difference Between Standard FIBC Bag & Baffle Bag

Baffle Bag

Jumbo Bag or FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) is large shape bag use for storing material as sand, granules, animal fodder in bulk quantity. Flow able material are easily store and transported in bulk quantity. Usually bags come in square shapes. These bags are UV stabilize and are manufactured by 100% virgin polypropylene materials. Food industries, Builders, Farmers and Animal Fodder Industries can use this bags for bulk storage and safe transportation.

Standard FIBC Bag is generally regular type jumbo bag as dimension of ½ cubic meter, 1/3 cubic meter or 1 cubic meter in size and shape. Bag comes with different types of loops as cross corner loops or standard four loops on bag. When bag is filled with material it becomes in pear shape as material does not stay easily. If standard fibc bags are not stack properly it can move or damage inside content. Standard FIBC comes in different size and shapes, loops and coated/un coated fabric for moisture resistance. FIBC Bag use for storing flow able materials like sands, cement or animal fodder.

Baffle Bag is type of bulk bag in FIBC category. Baffle Bags are generally use when there is limited space to keep the bag with bulk quantity material. Baffle bag has baffle on its corner and retain its cubic shape when filled with material. Due to its cubic shape it can adjust in limited space. Here baffle bags are stacked properly than standard FIBC bag. Bag doesn’t get punctured from outside due to its strong fabric. It is cost efficient bag than standard FIBC bag.

Baffle Bag Remain in Shape : After filling material in standard FIBC it get bulge while transporting but Baffle Bag get adjusted itself in cubic shape when filled by material which gives better transportation experience without any hassle.

Both use for Different Materials : Standard FIBC are regular type jumbo bags which are use for transportation of sands and gravel but get bulged when filled with its capacity. Rather baffle bags are use for transportation of pharmaceuticals products which remains in cubic shape after filled and get stacked easily and seen very neat.

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