Jumbo Bag Manufacturing Process

Brain Chamber Polysacks Private Limited introduce with latest manufacturing process of Jumbo Bags. Manufacturing of FIBC / PP Jumbo Bags involves various types of key steps along with our skill operations performs. The pp granules which are the basic raw materials converted into FIBC bags in various lines of process. The total process involves of 11 steps. The step wise production process is explained below and a flow chart is provided for better understanding.

The Process of manufacturing Jumbo Bags involves following steps:

Step 1 - Raw Material :

The raw materials required for making of FIBC are polypropylene (PP) Granules and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

Step 2 - Extrusion :

Here the mix of virgin and recycled PP granules are being melted and converted into form of tapes in a extrusion plant and at the end of the process are wound on bobbins of required size. This is the first stage of process which determines the tensile strength of the tape.

Step 3 - Weaving :

Extruded tape bobbins will be loaded in the Circular weaving machine or Flat weaving machine. Here the tapes will be woven to fabric of required specification and will be would in roll form. These fabrics will become the body fabric of the FIBC.

Step 4 -Laminating (Optional) :

Polypropylene fabric is being laminated with LDPE film for making the fabric moisture proof. This is optional process as per the requirement of the customer.

Step 5 -Cutting :

The woven Polypropylene fabric in rolls will be feeded in the automatic cutting machine and will be cut in to cut bit of required size. This Automatic process is adopted to get better accuracy in cut size.

Step 6 - Printing :

The cut bits that are the body fabric will be feeded in to the heavy duty printing machine to make the printing impression on the fabric. We are equipped with heavy duty printing machine, which gives the best impression with maximum of three colors.

Step 7 - Webbing :

Heavier Polypropylene Tapes are woven in to webbing which forms the lifting loop of the Jumbo bag.

Step 8 -Sewing Unit :

Here all the components used to manufacture Jumbo bags are brought together along with the printed body fabric. All the gathered parts are assembled to a Jumbo bag by highly skilled labors under the supervision of technically qualified supervisors.

Step 9 - Inspection :

Here each and every bag we manufacture will be inspected by a technically qualified person from the quality control department to ensure that each and every bag delivered from Virgo is of good quality.

Step 10 - Burst Test :

Random bags will be selected from a particular lot and will be tested in the testing ring to ensure the Safe Working Load of the bag is achieved. Generally this test is conducted with the sample bag before commencing the production. But after completion of the production also, random samples are taken for burst test to ensure the Safe Working Load.

Step 11 - Packing / Bailing :

Here the bags which have been produced will be compressed with the help of the bale press and neatly packed as per the requirement of the customers.

Step 12 - Storage :

Once the bag is baled, it will be immediately shifted to a clean storage room, from where the dispatches are affected.

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