Jumbo Bags: Filling Options of Bags

jumbo bags filling option

FIBC jumbo bags is an effective packaging solution for storing and transporting variety of products easily in bulk quantity. It is proven as cost effective packaging solution. One of the customize option for bulk bags are top/filling option for bags. We customize bags to fit your required specifications.

Flap Down Option

Tie down flap top option for fibc is ideal for quick filling of materials. It allow rapid filling easily which is cost effective to filled fibc and transport. Tie down flap ensure load in bag for securely transportation.

Duffle Top Option

Duffle top option is another popular one required for quick filling of application. Bags top gets open and extrudes outwards to allow rapid filling of products. Duffle top fibc are demandable for its rapid filling and ensure load capacity to secure transport.

Spout Top Option

This FIB are commonly used for transportation. Spout top options bulk bags are standard for filling equipments but mostly great for controlled filling. After filling material spout top are closed and ensure load for securely transport.

Open Top Options

Open top option bulk bags are most ideal for fast filling application. It is usually accompanied with flat or spout bottom. This open top bulk bags are mostly used for building materials, scrap or garden applications.

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