Polypropylene Liners for FIBC

polypropylene liners

Today use of polypropylene liners are significantly increase for big bags which is use for storing and transportation of food grade materials and pharmaceuticals medicines and chemical industries. As per your products and application we should know better information about liner use to create jumbo bags which safely transport and store your material without any contaminations.

We should know which polypropylene liners should use for effective bulk packaging’s. while manufacturing standard fibc we use standard polyethylene liners, but it is insufficient some time for specific products. In general for high temperature products standard polythene liners is not suitable for packaging.

Standard FIBC Liners

Standard FIBC polyethylene liners are use in most products and application for packaging. This polyethylene liner is common in food grade materials and pharmaceuticals products to protect the product from contamination from outside bacteria. There is limit for these liners to hold product with high temperature. It can’t stand with temperature more than 76 degree Celsius. Above this temperature the liner will begin to start soften and it can melt, indirectly it result in contamination of product with outside bacteria. In this situation we should completely know which polyethylene liners should use while packaging of high temperature products.

FIBC with High Temperature

As we know standard fibc liner has limit to sustain temperature up to (200 f)so we need polyethylene liners which can hold high temperature products safely without any damage. It should also reusable after its working life ends. Brain Chamber Polysacks will provide FIBC which will carry high temperature products without any damage to your product. We should provide highly grade polyethylene liners which can hold high temperature products. It can sustain temperature up to 200 degree Celsius where standard bag sustain up to 170 degree Celsius.

Our R&D department always try to meet the customer requirement and gives the best packaging end solution for their products. Our experts works to manufactured customizing FIBC on various parameter including inlet/outlet coating to avoid moisture from outside to filled material. This makes BCP leading exporters of jumbo bags for shipping and storing goods.

Polypropylene Liners

Polypropylene liners are liners which can hold high temperature products which has more than 200 degree Celsius temperature than standard fibc. They are thicker and sturdier than standard liners. Those polypropylene liners are not common it is use in specific situations only. They can withstand temperature up to 295°F than regular FIBC.

We Brain Chamber Polysacks are manufacturers and exporters of high grade polypropylene liner which is use for carrying high temperature products as per your required applications.

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