FIBC Bulk Container for Pharma and Food Industries

pharma grade fibc

FIBC Bulk container also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or Big Bags in market commonly use for storage and safe transportation of powdered form or tacky materials. Brain Chamber Polysacks is manufacturers of these big bags with different specifications and design required for material packaging. Product life cycle is depend upon storage and safe transportation of goods. We Brain Chamber Polysacks knows the importance of your goods and develop bulk containers as per design and required specification.

Now days pharmacy industries are growing with their most quality products. This pharmacy industries required storage and safe transportation of their products. The bulk containers used for this pharmaceuticals products are known as pharma grade Big Bags. Here pharmacy goods can safely stored and transported in bulk quantity without any contamination. From those bulk bags food grade goods can also transported. Food grade FIBC and Pharma grade FIBC are develop with specific requirements. These FIBC are manufactured with specific requirement by which food materials and pharma materials do not contaminate chemically by bag. Food grade materials and pharma grade materials are stored and transported in such safe manner so that germs or any chemical reaction should not destroy the materials.

Brain Chamber Polysacks are specialize in designing best size and shape of bags for special commodity. We design special containers which keeps your food materials for longer duration and provide safety from germs. Our bulk bags takes minimum space for storage and transportation. Now a days many health issues are getting created by which we took very seriousness to develop super quality container which keeps your goods away from any dangerous germs or do not get contaminated any chemical reactions.

We always think from customer side and try to manufacture the container which best suits for their packaging requirements. We always takes new opportunity and challenges in the world of packaging and give our best to our client.

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